Vanitas 2018

The Vanitas is not ancient. After all, we never stopped ageing and dying.

I made my bread skulls to create a mortal double of the Vanitas. I tried to make them different from the ones offered by web-shops specialized in Vanitas, and I excluded tattoos for indisputable matters of taste. I tried to play a clean game, and I produced a honest fossil.

I worked the tumults of my skulls, slaves so tired of representing the Vanitas, with the powerful pictorial sensibility of mould.

I made them die of antibiotics, basically.

My Vanitas is humble, yet one has to bow down to get close to it.

Over the course of the exhibition the skulls gracefully mould.

Specifically for this exhibition Cosima Montavoci revists her artwork Vanitas and creates a new site-specific version of it, making her work even more powerful.





bread, mould, plexiglass case



B#S Gallery, Treviso



1m x 1m