Cosima firmly believes that humour and non-sense play a key role in acceptance, she makes fun of serious topics and takes small things very seriously. Sense and absurdity, tragic and humour, chaos and calmness, authenticity and fiction find in her work a common dimension where to coexist.

Cosima is not afraid to talk about unpleasant themes. Her work is often talking about existential topics human beings have explored along the way, such as mortality, creation, memory, classical themes, and cultural aspects of society.

Cosima prefers to speak with her hands and needs to get them dirty in the material to feel it better. One of the main features of her work is helping the acceptance of difficult topics through an ironic layer and that accompanies each artwork.

Cosima wants her audience to feel her work physically and her work to become a whole with/invade the space. She trusts no middle-age people. Real feedback only comes from the genuine reaction of elders and children.