The Vanitas is not ancient. After all, we never stopped ageing and dying.

I made my bread skulls to create a mortal double of the Vanitas. I tried to make them different from the ones offered by web-shops specialized in Vanitas, and I excluded tattoos for indisputable matters of taste. I tried to play a clean game, and I produced a honest fossil.

I worked the tumults of my skulls, slaves so tired of representing the Vanitas, with the powerful pictorial sensibility of mould.
I made them die of antibiotics, basically.


My Vanitas is humble, yet one has to bow down to get close to it.

The work consists of 5 skulls, each conserved in a plexiglass display case.

Over the course of the exhibition the gracefully mould.

This work has been presented at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from March 14 to April 6 2014.The floors of the church were completely covered of graves.

Further Exhibited in:

2018 - Castello di Duino, Trieste, Italy
2018 - Palazzo Ducale of Genoa, Italy
2017 - Sala Umberto Veruda, Trieste, Italy
2016 - Museo della Battaglia, Vittorio Veneto, Italy
2016 - Cormons, Italy
2014 - Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2014                       bread, mould, plexiglass case                       28cm x 28cm x 28cm each