Trash Project

(Contemporary Fairy Tales)

Often when we talk about our city we tend to talk about a facade, but garbage tells the true story, recounts me about seasons and a specific story for each city, which embodies a honest fossil that represents our times.
This is an ongoing project.

Materials: Found Trash, Vacuum Bags, resin.

In the pictures you can see it presented in the exhibitions :
Libertà, at We Exhibit in Venice.
Cross Borders, at Studio Cannaregio in Venice.
It was also presented at the F-act Festival by EATART for the workshop and conference RePlastic at Ex-Herion, Giudecca, Venice.

" (...) Once inside the first work to the left is an installation by Cosima Montavoci. Cosima is Venetian and she studied at the Rietveld art academy in Amsterdam, but she decided to move back to her hometown. She has a very enthusiastic and electric personality. Her search for trash in her beloved hometown is a mission she takes on with that attitude. However, in the making process of her art, she takes time to step back, rethink and make conscious decisions. There is a high level of concentration in the selection of the found trash, with which she makes compositions. These compositions are in their turn also undergoing a selection process.
he installation ‘Trash Project – studio visit’ (Contemporary Fairy Tales) shows us a part of her visual research, physical search, and a still-in-the-studio-stage of an on-going art project (start and end point are out of the grasp of Libertà, but the studio set-up of this installation is created for this event). The trash clearly tells stories and narratives are easily made.
We see things we recognize and perhaps can relate to. The items look happy and are balanced in composition. That is the fun part of the work. What a tragedy though that these are the stories we leave behind in the calle and the canals. (...)
from 'A walk through Libertà with Gryanne Stunnenberg (with love, the curator)' Curator text about the exhibition Libertà.

cosima_portfolio_en (1).jpg