Death Keeps Me Awake

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"[...] Cosima's thesis is a startingly gothic presentation, hand-written on used paper and presented in a thickly hand-painted black box. Her text considers the image of death in the art practices of a number of contemporary artists, with emphasis on the work of the Italian artist Vittorio Basaglia, and relates these to a selection of images of death from European art history. This evolves into a consideration of the relationship between the mortal body and the body of the work of art, the in-between role of fossilization, and its relationship to the traditional Vanitas.

The thesis concludes with a consideration of her own practice in relation to this field of enquiry."

Janice McNab, Kris Dittel, Koenraad Dedobbeleer.

2015                     paper, ink, tea, coffee, black paint, pictures                               40cm x 60cm